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A Place You Call Home

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 "The Switzerland mountains, waters, air, even people give you feelings that are overwhelming to feel once you are there. You get a sensation of calmness..."

By Victoria Semenyuk 

(translated in Ukrainian)

 "Every year, my family and I would go to my godmother's house and celebrate Christmas with our families..."

By Nicole Salykine

(translated in Russian)


By Haris Khan 

(translated in Spanish)

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"The lockdown and the closing of pools had a significant impact on myself and my representation of home."

By Philipp Rivkind

(translated in Russian)


By Steven Jiang

(translated in Mandarin)

"We are always busy running around with school and other activities, but now we are all home."

By Matthew Volfson

(translated in Russian)

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 "It is not only to celebrate holidays and events, but also to celebrate life and each other."

By Max Sidorenko 

(translated in Russian)

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