To create a rapport is to create a connection. We all live in the same world but we experience it differently. Our goal is to connect these different experiences and use them to bring people together rather than push them apart.  


Editor in Chief:  

Cathy Ching

Want to contribute to Rapport?


All you have to do is email us! Our email is rapportmagazinemidwood@gmail.com Simply submit a piece to match our theme. We accept poems, short stories, videos, paintings, drawings, photography, and audio clips. If you have questions regarding what you want to submit, please e-mail us. Submissions must be made through email, and all writing pieces must be submitted in English and another language. all other submissions should include a short explanation or description for the editors. Indicate if you'd like this description to be included when it is uploaded online or not in the email you attach the submissions and the description.