I Remember Haiti

"I remember my dear country when I look a the picture of the citadel on the wall. This fortress that sits on the mountain of Cap Haitien. I remember the sun that shone on the blue sea. I remember the beauty of the sunrise."

by Jacques Sebastien Jean

(translated in French)

Moscow, Russia

"It was a rainy and gloomy day. I wasn’t expecting a surprise from my parents or the excitement that I would later experience. It was like another day of school, walking to the building, going to classes, getting grades that I was proud of."

by Sofiya Abramova

(translated in Russian)

To The Missing Member

"Together as a whole we felt nothing, but joy.  Now with a missing piece in this puzzle, we are left with a hole in our hearts. You think you left in silence, but you left us with pain."

by Carmen Lee

(translated in Chinese)

"Brooklyn is my city. I love it and I can’t imagine living anywhere else. My favorite part of the city is Gowanus, it is only a few blocks from where I live. It is gritty, industrial and a polluted canal runs right through the heart of it but it has incredible charm and heart."

by Jack Gwertzman

(translated in French)

"My city is New York. I was born here. I grew up here. I feel as if this city shapes me. It allows me to face all kinds of people. I love everything about this city"

by Aysegul Yumusak

(translated in Turkish)

"The city that I grow up in was Fuzhou, China. I feel very connected to this city, not only is it because I was born in that city, and grow up in that city. It also because that I have a lot of great memories in that city before I came to the United States. I have a lot of great friends in that city, we go out together to play in the park, we go to school together, and we just have fun together."

by KaiWei Jiang

(translated in Chinese)