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我们都是陌生的人,他们带有距离感。 事情一天一天地发生,奇怪而快乐的
时刻发生了,这无法解释,“奇迹”。 我们变得熟悉,但也很陌生。 当我们所
有人的内心深处都讲述着许多不为人知的故事。 其他人经常说我们这个年龄
的人会嘲笑任何事情。 但是我们比任何成年人都更加认真,更具竞争性并且
承受着更大的痛苦。 当我们刚进入新生时,我们都通过追逐自己的梦想来尝
试找到生活的意义。 但是,从某个时候开始,我们开始改变并选择了一条不
同于我们最初考虑的路径。 那就是世界的方式。 成长的方式和开始做出自
己的人生决定。 整个高中时代,我们所有人都经历过冷战和吵架,但最后,
我们会和好,好像什么也没有发生。 我们彼此拥抱,同时缓解了我们内心不
断增长的痛苦。 我们还接受令人不快的真理,以避免误解和生活在谎言中。
没有戏。 如果您什么都不做,您将不会得到想要的东西。 今天不会是终点
,因为只需要一首歌就可以使我们的灵魂回到现在。 毕竟,我们到了珍惜回

We were all strangers who carried a sense of distance. Day by day,
strange but happy moments occurred that can’t be explained,“miracles.”
We became familiar, yet unfamiliar to each other. As all of us carry an array
of untold stories in our heart. Others often say people our age will laugh at
anything. But we were more serious, more competitive and in more pain
than any adult. We all try to find our meaning of life, by chasing our dreams
when we first enter as freshmen. However, at some point, we started to
change and chose a different path that isn’t what we originally had in mind.
That’s the way of the world. The way of growing up and the start of making
our own decisions in life. Throughout the years in high school, we all had
nasty fights and arguments but at the end, we joked and laughed as if
nothing happened. We embrace each other while comforting the growing
pain inside of us. We also embrace unpleasant truth to avoid
misconceptions and living in lies. There is no fair play. You won’t get what
you want if you don’t do anything. Today won’t be the end, as it will only
take one song to bring our soul back to this time. After all we reached the
age where we cherish memories.

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