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Sueño un mundo mejor, un lugar mejor y un futuro mejor.

La sociedad de hoy está llena de negatividad.

Nuestro mundo está formado por la violencia, la pobreza y la infelicidad.

Siempre hay algo terrible en este mundo y debe ser arreglado.

Quiero un futuro mejor para este mundo.

Sueño con un mundo sin caos.

Sin dolor, sin problemas, solo felicidad y amor.

Nadie debe ser matado por la guerra

Mejor, debería haber paz en la tierra.

Esto puede parecer oscuro, pero sé que esto debe ser arreglado.

I dream of a better world, a better place, and a better future.

Today’s society is full of negativity.

Our world is made up off violence, poverty and unhappiness.

There is always something terrible going on in this world and it must be fixed.

I want a better future for this world.

I dream of a world with no chaos.

No pain, no problems, just happiness and love.

I don’t want terrorist attacks or war being fought .

No one should be killed because of violence.

Instead, there should be peace on earth.

This may seem obscure, but I know that this must be fixed.

Many children and their families die because they do not have food.

I want the future to end world hunger.

No more poverty all around the world.

I hope that our future will end inequality.

Everyone should be treated equal no matter what race or gender they are.

I know these dreams may seem impossible but if everyone contributes to make a change, then I believe that these dreams are possible.

No matter how long it will take, whether it could be 50 years or even 500 years, the world must change for a better future.

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