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我的城市中国福州是我长大的城市。我对这个城市很连接,不只是因为我在这个城市出生,和在这个城市长大。更因为是在我来美国前在这个城市我有很多美好的回忆。 我有很多很要好的朋友在这个城市, 我们一起去公园玩,我们一起去上学,我们在一起很开心。我爱我的城市。我的城市她很漂亮, 我还有一堆在我需要帮忙的时候在我身边的朋友。我想念那个的街道,我想念我在那个城市的学校,我想念我在那个城市的朋友。我想念那整个城市,我爱那整个城市。

The city that I grow up in was Fuzhou, China. I feel very connected to this city, not only is it because I was born in that city, and grow up in that city. It also because that i have a lot of great memories in that city before I came to the United States. I have a lot of great friends in that city, we go out together to play in the park, we go to school together, and we just have fun together. I love my city very much. My city is very beautiful, and I have a bunch of friends that is there for me when I need help. I miss the street in the city, I miss my house in that city, I miss my school in that city, and I miss my friends in that city. I miss the whole city, and I love the whole city.

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