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梦想是一个许多人会讨论,但从未真正深入思考过的事情。我问过身边的朋友为什么他们的成绩如此之高,以及他们长大后想要成为什么的人。他们中的大多数人都说想成为医生,建筑师和律师。但他们从未真正想过他们想成为什么样的人。他们只是想成为他们认为自己想成为的人。他们希望成为医生,建筑师,和律师只是因为这些职位可以得到很高的收入,但他们不知道他们所采取的路途是否适合他们,并且同时是他们想要的职业。在家庭中,我真的很受父亲的启发。当他告诉我他如何努力生活在一个并不真正关心他需求的家庭中时,能感受到他是多么地努力。他在13岁时辍学,并在14岁时开始工作来支持他的家人所需要的收入。他当时和他的母亲,父亲,他的妹妹和他的两个兄弟住在一起。他不是最老的,也不是最年轻的。他也不是他父母期望最高的。由于家里不是很富裕,所以他帮助父母一起支撑家庭的费用。然后他与我的母亲结婚,之后他们去了美国。我的父亲是一个非常坚强的人,他在不知道任何英语的情况下设法在美国生存,但他的朋友帮助了他获得新的机会,并找到了一个非常好的工作。他告诉我要在学校好好发展学业,是他给了我很多启发。当我疑惑的时候,他会和我探讨我的困惑,也会支持我所做的选择。每天能让我从梦中醒来面对这个世界的,是我的朋友和家人。因为他们会激励我,也会让我在微笑的同时会感到很温暖。如果让我选择一个地方去散散心,我希望能去韩国,因为我对他们的文化和风格很感兴趣。我想我可以更多地了解它们。我的梦想可以在任何时候改变,但现在的我想成为一名舞者。我想拥有自己的舞蹈工作室,在那里我可以享受我的工作并同时赚钱。跳舞很有趣, 也在同时它让我可以从我所有的压力中解脱。我目前正在学习和报名舞蹈课程来达到我的目标。对我来说,跳舞是需要认真对待的事情,但它也非常的有趣。它给我带来快乐和美好。

Dream, it is a topic that many people talk about, but never really thought much about. I have asked many of my friends why their grades are so incredibly high and what they would like to be when they grow up, most of them say that they want to grow up to become doctors or lawyers. They are the ones who never really thought about what they want to be. They simply want to be what they think they want to be. They want to be doctors and lawyers just because they recieve really high payments but they don’t know if the track they take is the right track for them, if it’s a profession they’ll like to have. I’m really inspired by my father. How he struggled to live in a family that didn’t really care about his needs. He dropped out of school at the age of 13 and started working to support his family at the age of 14. He was living with his mother, his father, his sister and his two brothers at the time. He wasn’t the oldest nor was he the youngest. He wasn’t his parent’s favorite either. He was the only one that help his parents at work. He then married my mother and they took off to America. My dad is a very strong person, he managed to survive in America not knowing any english and his friends help him create new opportunities and found a good job. He inspires me a lot by telling me to do well in school, he talks it out with me when i seem down and asks me if i’m ok or not. He tells me to get enough rest and not stress myself out My friends and family is what makes me wake up everyday, because they make me smile and motivate me a lot. I want to visit south korea someday because i am really interested in their culture and their style. I think i could learn more about them. My dream could change at any point but right now I want to be a dancer when i grow up. I want to have my own dance studio where i can enjoy what i do and earn money at the same time. Dancing is fun. It is really fun. It allows me to be relieved from all my stress. I am currently learning and taking dance classes right now to reach my goal. To me dancing is something to be taken seriously, but it is also super enjoyable.

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