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Photo by:  Gary Gwertzman

J’habite a Brooklyn et je ne peux pas imaginer vivre outre par. Le quartier de

Gowanus est ma place que j’aime le plus. Gowanus est industrielle et le long canal

est tres polluée mais c’est charmant. C’est un quartier artistique et creativie

émergente. Il ya plusieurs restuarants, cafés, studios des artistes et des boutiques.

Le quartier est calme mais c’est interessant avec beaucoup de mystere and

d’histoire. Il y a des vieux immigrants, des hipsters et des artistes qui vie ensemble

avec harmonie.

Brooklyn is my city. I love it and I can’t imagine living anywhere else. My favorite  part of the city is Gowanus, it is only a few blocks from where I live. It is gritty,

industrial and a polluted canal runs right through the heart of it but it has incredible charm and heart. It reminds me of a rescue mutt that is scruffy and straggly yet scrappy, loving, friendly and full of spirit. The buildings are covered with great graffiti and murals and inside you can find artists’ studios, cools shops, a shuffle board club, a fencing center, a rock climbing gym and low key artful and eclectic restaurants with amazing food. The bustle of the city doesn’t exist here. There is great diversity in the older generation, the younger artists, the workers and the hipsters. However, It is calm, cool and has an interesting mystery to it that makes it feel like there is a lot of history that is yet to unfold.

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