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Se te yon mekredi

Mwen leve, m’ abiyem, m’ pran dejene’m

E mwen ale lekol

Mwen resevwa kane eskole’m

Mwen pa pase

Epi mwen ale lakay mwen,  m’ kache pou paran’m

E m’al fe lago kache deyo ak zanmi’m

Mwen tap kouri deye youn nan zanmi’m yo paske “se te mwen yo te jwenn avan”

Zanmi’m nan kouri andan yon kay

Mwen kouri deye’l, mwen pat

Mwen te eseye touchel’ mwen pot la frape menm’

Mwen komanse kriye e mwen komanse kouri potet dwet mwen te rouj epi li te de fra gwosè lot dwet mwen yo

Mwen kouri al lakay mwen, e mwen montre manman m’ dwet mwen. Li mwen te fek montre l’ dwet la li te fache menm apre li komanse enkyete de mwen

Li Mennen m’ kay dokte

Apre yon ti tan dokte komanse tcheke dwet me epi mwen retounen lakay mwen avek manman m’

Apre kil ker minite apre mwen rive lakay mwen, manman m’ rele m’, li dim li bezwen pale avem’ de yon bagay

Mwen al kot li, epi li di ou sou pinisyon poutet ou pat montre m’ kanew’ e ou soti san pemisyonm’

It was a Wednesday

I woke up got dressed ate my breakfast

And went to school

I got my progress report

I did really badly

So I went home and hid it from my parents

And went to play tag outside with my friends

I was chasing one of my friends because I was “it”

My friend ran inside a house

I ran after him, I didn’t notice that he was about to close the door because all I wanted to do was tag him

I tried to touch but instead of touching him the door slammed shut on my index finger

I started crying and running cause of the pain, my finger was red and twice the size of my other fingers

I ran home to my mom and I showed it to her at first she was mad but then she became worried

And took me to the doctors

After a few hours of the doctor checking and examining my finger I went back home with my mom

A few minutes after reaching home my mom called and said she wanted to talk to me about something

I went to her and she said I’m grounded for a month for not showing my progress report and for going

out without her permission.

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