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My Prized Possession

For these submissions, you may write stories or poems, or create a visual statement, in which you showcase something that holds value to you. What does this possession signify to you? Was it given to you by someone you hold dear to yourself? Whether this is jewelry, a stuffed animal, a photograph, or even a letter, share your thoughts with us on your submission to Rapport!

Father's Wallet 

"I also store all my money inside my dad's wallet. Using an item of his that he used before he passed away helps me feel more connected to him." 

By Melannia Yuzary 

(Translated in Russian) 

Gifted Ring 

"The rings all have the same overall pattern/shape, but each has a slightly different look to it. It represents the relationship between the women in the family." 

By Noa Sadovnik

(Translated in Spanish) 

Teddy Bear 

"My most valuable item is this teddy bear. I had it from a very young age and it was gifted to me by my grandpa..." 

By Shirley Ruan 

(Translated in Spanish) 


"I complained too much to my mother. When she yelled, I stood there ignoring." 

By Fotimaniso Rustamova

(Translated in Uzbek) 

Mood Ring

"Blue. Serenity, sincerity, stability, reliability, and productivity." 

By Rahma Salem 

(Translated in Arabic) 

A Place I Call Home 

"There is a place I call Home

A place with only grace..." 

By Lucy Guo 

(Translated in Chinese) 

My Cat 

"The house cat holds value to me because I have a fear of cats. This cat doesn’t make me afraid. It makes me happy which is something I thought an animal would never make me feel." 

By Adna Mulic

(Translated in Bosnian) 



"I look up to my sisters because I love how they handle certain situations and how they help others in need, whether that be friends, family or strangers." 

By Rebecca Jean Louis  

(Translated in Haitian Creole) 

My Family 

"These obstacles made our family stronger and we realized that no matter what life brings our way we are able to handle anything." 

By Theano Liodakis

(Translated in Greek) 


"My flute symbolizes a piece of my childhood that I have been able to keep and maintain up until now"

By Elexander Bawa

(Translated in Punjabi) 

Running Shoes

"These running shoes symbolize the work I have put into track so far and the many more shoes I will end up going through in my future." 

By Sonam Sherpa

(Translated in Nepali) 


"To me, mangoes are something very special; to me, they aren’t just a delicious fruit but also a family excitement." 

By Mohammad Ahmad Sabri

(Translated in Urdu

A Place I Call Home

"There is a place I call home

A place with only grace..."

By Lucy Guo

(Translated in Chinese) 


"I spent a month over there and leaving everyone was one of the hardest things to do because it felt like home." 

By Javeria Ali

(Translated in Pashto) 

My Grandfather's Memory

"Although the picture is gone he is still in my heart and forever with me.

In my memories of him" 

By Laiba Mahmood

(Translated in Urdu) 

Hello Kitty Gum 

"Growing up in China, my grandma would always buy me my favorite snack, the Hello Kitty Gum which comes in flavors like strawberry and grapes...." 

By XinWei Chen

(Translated in Mandarin

Mi Posesión Más Preciada

"No, my prized possession is not an animal. It’s an object from my mom..."

By Elly Jade Ho

(Translated in Spanish) 


"And my wings are my bike

With which I fly down avenues far from home..." 

By Daniar Nurseit

(Translated in Kazakh) 

The Bubble Wands

"Every time I visit my grandmother, she brings me to the store across from her house and buys me a bubble wand..." 

By Ziyan Huang

(Translated in Mandarin) 


"What is of value?

What can it be?

My family is valuable and important to me..." 

By Roman Sorochkin

(Translated in Spanish) 

To My Lovely Mother 

"Thank you for being what holds me together..." 

By Eric Saakyan

(Translated in Spanish


"My prized possession is my necklace that my best friend gave me as a birthday gift two years ago." 

By Whitney Leung

(Translated in Spanish) 

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