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It was late at night,

I woke up to the whirling scent in my room

It was quiet and peaceful
I sensed this type of feeling in my chest
It was pounding really hard
Then I looked around me
A magnificent tree was looking at me

The tree said,
“It's time to go darling”
It slowly but gently started falling
I was screaming and praying for protection

Until I woke up
It was early in the morning
I saw my mom next to me
Then I had realized
It was just a dream

لیللا يف ارخأتم تقولا ناك يتفرغ يف ةماودلا ةحئارلا ىلع تظقیتسا

ایملسو ائداه ناك يف روعشلا نم عونلا اذه تسمل

يردص اقح بعص فصق ناك يلوح ترظن مث يلإ رظنت ةعئار ةرجش تناك ، ةرجشلا تلاق "يبیبح باهذلل تقولا ناح دقل" طوقسلا فطلب نكلو ءطبب تأدب ةیامحلا لجأ نم وعدأو خرصأ تنك تظقیتسا ىتح ركابلا حابصلا يف كلذ ناك يبناجب يمأ تیأر

تكردأ مث ملح درجم ناك دقل

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