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Hello Kitty Gum

By XinWei Chen


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Growing up in China, my grandma would always buy me my favorite snack, the Hello Kitty Gum which comes in flavors like strawberry and grapes. It was my prized possession. It was my favorite candy. Although the pack came with many, I only ate one at a time, afraid that it would be gone before my grandma brought me to the supermarket again. I carried it in my pockets everywhere I went, sharing it with my cousins and friends. Never would I think that one day, I would never be able to taste the candy again. It has been years ever since I came to the U.S. Every time I think of this candy, it reminds me of my grandma whom I haven’t seen in years. This snack has now become a memory of my childhood.

小时候在中国时候,奶奶总是会给我买我最喜欢的零食,Hello Kitty 口香糖,有草莓味和葡萄味的。这是我最珍贵的东西。虽然一包有很多,但每一回我只吃一粒,怕奶奶带我再去超市之前就吃完了。无论走到哪里我都会把它放在口袋里,与我的亲戚和朋友分享。来美国之前,我永远都想不到有一天我会无法尝到这种糖果。来美国已经好多年了,每次想起这种糖果都会想起多年和奶奶的回忆。这种糖果已经成了我童年的回忆。

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