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By Javeria Ali 


Peshawar, also known as the city of flowers, has many beautiful places and people. People from Peshawar are referred to as Pashtuns, Puktoons, or Pathans and they speak Pashto. I was able to visit my city after 16 years and it was an unforgettable experience. Being surrounded by family, I created some of my favorite memories there. One of my favorite memories was chasing chickens with my cousins, playing pat patonay and cricket. I tried new snacks and food that were delicious. I was able to learn more about my culture and family and as a person, I’ve grown since. I spent a month over there and leaving everyone was one of the hardest things to do because it felt like home. I miss my city and family every day and can't wait to go back home one day.

Peshawar on kale de da gulono ow khulke khlak ow zayona ow khlak da Peshawar on yadegi pa pukhtoons paths ow khage pushto wey. Za der khushala omche khpal kale ta la rem sixteen years bid. Za ba nashem herole da agaha time o zama da khpalyon o ma sa khpal sa khukle Karona de alata. Zama yow kar o che ma ba cherge ra ne wale zama trya zamona Sara. Mung patanoy loba o Kara ow kirket I ko o ma sa newe khorak o ko Owo khaga khukle o o zama da culture ma der zayat pwo shom. Khpala family m eo pagendala oyow mashom o ma che khga ze khlaka der yadol o are sok prahodel o der zayat Gran de o khaga kar kol o khaga zaam da kor pashan Owo o za khapal city yadom o hra raz yadom. Mala nishta pata che za ba khpal family sra kala milawegam kho mata umeed dey che agha raz ba der zar ei. 

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