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Teady Bear

By Shirley Ruan


My most valuable item is this teddy bear. I had it from a very young age and it was gifted to me by my grandpa. When I was younger, I treated this bear with lots of love. I brought it with me everywhere and even hand-washed its clothes. Despite all of this, the bear was just a normal toy I had, but all of this changed when I found out my grandpa had passed away. I realized I never talked to him much when he was alive nor have many shared memories with him. This bear was the only thing I can look back at when I think of him.

Lo más importante para mí es un oso de peluche. Mi abuelo me lo regaló cuando yo era más joven. Cuando era joven me encantaba el oso. Llevé al oso a todas partes conmigo y lavé a mano su ropa. Al principio el oso era un juguete normal, sin embargo todo cambió cuando mi abuelo murió. No hablé mucho con mi abuelo entonces sólo queda el oso como recuerdo de él. Cuando veo el oso pienso en mi abuelo.

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