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By Roman Sorochkin 


What is of value?

What can it be?

My family is valuable and important to me...

Teddy Bear 

By Shirley Ruan 


My most valuable item is this teddy bear. I had it from a very young age and it was gifted to me by my grandpa...


By Whitney Leung 


My prized possession is my necklace that my best friend gave me as a birthday gift two years ago. It’s a small silver necklace with my Zodiac constellation, Pisces...

Gifted Ring 

By Noa Sadovnik


My prized possession is this ring that was given to me by my grandmother. My mom, my aunt, and my grandmother each have a similar ring...

To My Lovely Mother

By Eric Saakyan


To my Lovely Mother...

Para mi mamá encantadora...

My prized possession is very soft. 


Is it a pet like a dog or a cat? 


No, my prized possession is not an animal. It’s an object from my mom...

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